Adam Dy-Ross

With an unwavering commitment to optimising business operations and assisting burgeoning families in discovering lucrative investment properties. He holds a deep-steated belief that business should be done on your own terms and should never block you from living the life you wish to live, in particular with our family, friends and love ones. Time is your most valuable commodity and that needs to be respected.

Adam, Property Entrepreneur with over 13 years industry experience in investing,  a Former Counter Terrorism Police Officer & Enterprise Coach. Adam has helped transform multiple FSTE 100 & Government Agencies into becoming more Agile and deliver value to their client base.

Meet The Officium Family

Our mission at Officium is made possible by a team of exceptional professionals, each possessing a unique set of business-critical superpowers honed through years of experience.

United Kingdom
Madelyn Dy-Ross

Co-Founder and Chief Relationship officer

Relationship Officer (PH) Registered Nurse and responsible for the overarching HR & communication with between the operational staff in the Philippines and the UK consultancy.

Ben Scorer-Walton

Chief Technology Officer

Technology leader with years of experience working with government and financial clients, delivering innovative and cloud first solutions

Catherine Sambrano

Operations Manager

Meet Catherine, a seasoned Operations Manager with a remarkable nine-year journey in leadership excellence. In the dynamic arena of operations, where every decision shapes the trajectory of success, Catherine's expertise stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment and astute leadership. With a proven track record of driving efficiency, collaboration, and fostering a culture of innovation, Catherine emerges not just as a manager, but as a catalyst for transformative change and a resolute dedication to excellence.

Jessica Isorena

Serviced Accommodation Specialist

A Serviced Accommodation specialist and Account Trainer with a Master's degree and over 5 years of experience in the fields of Properties, Training and Development. She is passionate about providing excellent customer service and ensuring all clients are satisfied. She ensures as well that all clients have a pleasant stay at Officium. She has the ability to identify, train and develop new employees for growth and success.